POLYMERS FOR EUROPE ALLIANCE: Register for free to the Alliance for all polymer users in Europe

POLYMERS FOR EUROPE ALLIANCE: Register for free to the Alliance for all polymer users in Europe

Your online information platform free of charge, confidential and open to all parties who have an interest in the competitive conversion of polymers in Europe

Interested? THEN REGISTER HERE and get access to a wide range of documents, including:

  • Current polymer market situation and production capacity

  • EU Import Duties Suspensions / Quotas proceedings

  • Force Majeure Analysis

  • Legal guidance on joint purchasing agreements

For any questions, please contact Eva Schneider at Polymer Comply Europe via info@pceu.eu. For more information, check out our website.

Alliance Objectives

  • Provide factual public information on the status of the polymer supply situation in Europe.
  • Re-establish a constructive dialogue with the supply base.


The reliability of the European polymer producing industry has recently created concerns as more than 40 force majeure situations have been declared in a period of only four months in the first semester 2015. Due to this sudden material shortage, production lines across Europe have been forced to stop at the plastics converting level, alarming brand owners and OEMs. Meanwhile, raw material prices have risen to record highs due to this shortage of materials. Although the situation has calmed down now, it clearly has demonstrated the importance of our industry working together to be better prepared for such events.

What else can the Alliance offer you?

  • Assist raw material users through the EuPC network of national plastics associations as well as request suspension of certain EU import duties to relieve shortages on polymer markets.
  • Initiate a study on the competitiveness of the plastics converters in Europe, together with industry and independent experts, in order to compare the industries competitiveness to global competition.
  • Provide legal assistance for companies that seek legal action against their polymer suppliers due to erroneous force majeure declarations.
  • Best European Polymer Producer Award: Plastics converters in Europe rate their polymer suppliers regarding specific criteria which will lead to the nomination of the Best European Polymer Producers (online at end of 2015).
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Eva Schneider Polymer Comply Europe Communications Executive, www.polymercomplyeurope.eu
Eva Schneider Polymer Comply Europe Communications Executive, www.polymercomplyeurope.eu
About Polymer Comply Europe

Polymer Comply Europe (PCE) is a service provider for the plastics industry specialised in EU legislation. Since 1989 we have been closely working with the industry developing an in-depth knowledge and wide experience in EU Regulatory Compliance, Association Management and Projects & Studies.

Due to the increasing complexity of EU legislation, companies can benefit from more legal and technical advice. Companies involved in the plastics industry can get support on how to cope with this burden and our experts can provide you with the best expertise. You will receive informed advice from our best EU experts. For this we decided to develop a pool of EU plastics experts under our service company Polymer Comply Europe, based in Brussels.

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